Hey! I'm Ondřej Bárta,

Berlin based creator with full stack engineering background

Currently leading technical/design projects at Nuri (formerly Bitwala).

Technical consultant in Kilta (former Status Quack)

Member of Techsquat

Previously responsible for frontend development & responsive print design at Jackova Továrna

Pet Projects

In other words, side projects

- COVID-19 Data Experiment

Daily Tasks
- Opinionated MacOS-first task app

XYZ Icon Set - Icon set with over 200 icons

Lofi Chill Music Production

React Tree List


TSA Wallpaper For Google Pixel 2XL

Bitcoin Wear OS Watch Face

and many others…

Other activities


Daily Tasks

Inspired by my own way of organising work, Daily Tasks is an opinionated MacOS-first task app to help you get through the day

A product I designed & build on my own and for myself to better manage what life throws at me.


XYZ Icon Set

Free & open-source set of icons!

Hundreds of icons, all free and open-source. Bundled in React & Vue libraries for ease of use in your projects.


Perfect Pitch Gang

Learn to recognise the pitch of a musical notes. Perfect if you're getting into music transcription!

Get better at recognizing musical notes.

Interactive Demo

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