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Daily Tasks

Inspired by my own way of organising work, Daily Tasks is an opinionated MacOS-first task app to help you get through the day

What is this?


Focus on here and now
don't compose long lists for the future, just what you work on here and now
Easy to get started
it's very easy to get started. Install the app and start adding tasks, everything else will come to understanding by design.
Online & offline support
you can use the app offline, and sync your tasks with the cloud at the time when you connect.
Finish your day
when the time is right, just leave your tasks for tomorrow or put them into the backlog where they'll wait for you.
Open source
everything about the app is open sourced. This allows anyone to look or change the code for their needs.
Keyboard shortcuts
easily visible and simply learned shortcuts for actions with the tasks like sorting, deleting and adding new ones.

How did this come to be?

I designed the first iteration of this product over a lunch break just to get it off my mind. Then I started investigating how to build something like this easily. I settled on tech that I was already working with within the industry and sprinkle some new tech on top. This is the result.

I design and develop this app specifically to fullfil my needs, but it's very well possible that this might cater for someone else's needs as well. That's why I chose to make it public. That and also I like to show off I can do things. :)

Ask me anything

Frequently Asked Questions

Why another task management app?

This isn't only an app where you can take down your tasks. It is specifically designed around the idea that a tool should somewhat orient itself around how someone tends to organise.

Different things work for different people. Many people note their tasks into a simple text file and this app isn't here to replace that. It's here to cater to the few that tend to organise their work on the beginning of a day and then move clean into the next.

Why is this not a native mac app?

This app is built with react native & Electron. This was I can use the same codebase for all platforms (MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS & web). The effort spent building a different app for each platform (that I want to build eventually) would be way too high for a side project of mine.

In the best case, I want to spend the least amount of time building this app, while also building all the features that I need in my day to day workflow.

When will this be available on my computer / phone?

This app is in early development stages. I'm still figuring out where to take it next. As I'm building it mostly for my own needs, it's likely going to first become available on all the types of devices that I own (MacOS, Android & iOS).

If you really want to make this work on your platform and you're familiar with React Native, you can visit the GitHub repository and either create a pull request or build it on your own for your platform!